In the second half of 2018 we commercialize the new modification of Microwave Bistatic sensors BARRIER-M.

The sensor is the continuation of BARRIER line and kept the following specifications:

– dimensions and shape of the detection zone;

– immunity to climatic effects and interference factors;

– lightening protection of all circuits up to 900 V;

– operational frequency 24,15 GHz;

– configuration using the PC and Android devices.

New features of BARRIER-M:

– 8 frequency letters allowing to use the sensors indoors, in stocks and hangars;

– the frequency letter is set using the software, no need to disconnect power supply to change the frequency letter;

– the transmitter and receiver have got TAMPER button, in case of opening the cap the alarm signal is transmitted by the separate line, as well as by the interface;

– the control units are located on the side face of the housing, that is why the sensors are less affected by precipitations during configuration;

– new and more practical bracket for adjustment;

– the control units are located under the cover of bayonet cap, the cover of the bayonet cap поis turned and taken off using a flat screw driver, saving time for opening/covering the cap;

– under the cap cover of the receiver there is a USB socket and the indicator of state, the configuration is made using the software, thanks to the software the configuration process is more visual and takes less time.

If you are interested in this sensor, kindly refer to your managers and get it for testing.

Security Sensor Team.