In 2017 our company launched a FREE OF CHARGE software Security Sensor version 1.0 for management of TM Security Sensor security sensors with interface RS-485 as well as of other sensors with NC contacts connected using SECURITY SENSOR-ADAPTER.

Today we represent a new version of the software SECURITY SENSOR-PERIMETER v.2.3. In the new version we corrected the errors revealed in previous versions, we optimized the program performance and added a range of new functions.

The software assures the following functions:
• automatic searching for the sensors connected;
• possibility to change the sensor logic number;
• logging, storage and displaying of events;
• checking of the sensors connected and colour indication of their status: alarm, norm, no connection, deactivated;
• activation/deactivation of the sensors;
• supporting of graphical files (bmp, png, jpg) as an object map and displaying of the sensors on it.
• changing of the light flux power in security lighting «LED».

Taking into account the requests of the users, we added into the new version:
• possibility to restore the previous program configuration after restart;
• displaying of the quantity of alarms for every device;
• confirming of alarms for every device;
• sound notification on/off in case of alarm;
• indication of the subzone, where the alarm took place (for the sensors F and MIR-M);
• menu «Options» to change the program settings;
• supporting of the main languages (English, French, German).

If you are interested to use the software SECURITY SENSOR-PERIMETER, leave a request.

Distributed free of charge!

Security Sensor, Team