The microwave linear sensors BARRIER-10.100 are intended for the protection of different sites and for detecting an intruder crossing the detection zone.



The sensors are intended for the protection of direct perimeter sectors. The sites include industrial facilities, airports, sites of force structure, power plants, private premises, etc.

The principle of operation is based on generation of an invisible volumetric detection zone between the transmitter and the receiver.

When the intruder is crossing the detection zone, the receiver registers its alteration and generates the alarm.


Taking into account many years of operation of the sensors we can mark their high detection probability and good interference immunity. The sensors are easy to mount and adjust and do not require significant expenses on seasonal maintaining.

The sensors are immune to the influence of rain, snow, fog, lightning, icing, solar radiation, electromagnetic field up to 500 kV, vegetation, small birds and animals.

The wide choice of models differing in range, frequency and operational temperature allows to select the optimal variant for the perimeter protection in different climatic conditions.

Like this we make it easy to combine our sensors with many modern integrated security systems and popular control panel.

We use up-to-date effective algorithms for digital signal processing. Many years of manufacture and operation of our sensors allowed us to analyze the reliability of the equipment and correct the algorithms. As a result we achieved the maximal interference immunity and reliability of the signal processing.

Available and effective sensor for the protection of different sites with maximum number of positive testimonials.

Operation on 10,525 GHz allows to increase the width of the detection zone. Like this we make it difficult for the intruder to cross it.

The easiest configuration using control units on-board of the Rx does not require high qualification of staff. Multimeter and screw driver are enough for configuration.

The sensor is successfully used on outdoor perimeter sectors free from buildings and big vegetation. The sensor assures reliable protection of the site under control.

Additional information

Operational frequency

10,525 GHz


10…100 m

Width of the detection zone

0,75…3 m

Height of the detection zone

up to 1,6 m

Supply voltage

9…30 V

Current consumption

0,035 A

Detection probability

not less than 0,98

Operational temperature

minus 40…+80 °С

Housing protection level


Alarm output

relay contact


211x135x75 mm


2 kg


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