The dual technology bistatic sensor SS-LAMP-COMBI are mounted into park lamps and combine protection and lighting functions. The sensors are intended to protect cottages, offices, office buildings, different objects which have exacting requirements to the security masking.



The sensor is intended for the protection of critical objects with high requirements for interference immunity, territory appearance and the secrecy of alarm system.

The principle of operation is similar to all Bistatic sensors – generation of an invisible volumetric detection zone between the transmitter and the receiver. But the detection zone combines microwave and infrared detection channels. When the intruder is crossing the detection zone, the receiver generates the alarm following AND logic (activation of both detection channels) increasing significantly the interference immunity.

The sensors have all the advantages and distinctive features of the sensor SS-LAMP and the combination of the two physical detection principles allows to decrease significantly the number of false alarms because of weather interference factors, influence of electromagnetic and radio interference and be immune to small animals and birds.

The sensors have very narrow detection zone allowing to use it on difficult sectors.

Additional information

Operational frequency

9,375 GHz


10…75 m

Width of the detection zone

0,15 m

Number of frequency letters


Supply voltage

220 V

Current consumption

0,15 A

Detection probability

not less than 0,98

Operational temperature

minus 40…+65 °C

Housing protection level


Alarm output

relay contacts


1450 x Ø160 mm


5 kg


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